Bremer Werke, the subsidiary of Siemens AG, is founded on the premises of the former Lloyd-Motorenwerke company, with the intention of serving as an extended workbench for Dynamowerk Berlin and Schaltwerk Berlin


A new site for the production of transformers and reactors is established in Trutnov, Czech Republic


A new site for the production of transformers, reactors, and fans for the Chinese market is established in Tianjin, China


After its separation from the Siemens Group, mdexx would present itself as an independent company


A new, modern premises for the production of fans has been occupied in Weyhe, Lower Saxony, Germany. The location in Weyhe also serves as the new corporate headquarters. The production of reactors, transformers, and power supplies has been moved entirely to the newly renovated production facilities in Trutnov


Founding of mdexx Hunan Ltd. in Zhuzhou (China) as another site for the production of winding goods


Founding of mdexx Polska sp.z o.o. for the sales of winding goods in Poland