mdexx Fans for Rolling Stock Industry

We offer fans for railway vehicles of any build—in high-speed trains, subways, commuter trains, or diesel locomotives. A huge range of different, special fans offers customized solutions at the best available quality.

It makes no difference what your requirements may look like—mdexx fans are your best, most efficient choice as far as air supply and exhaust air are concerned.

  • drive motor fan
  • oil cooler fan
  • converter fan
  • brake resistor fan


For design and production of transformer fans we are predestined due to decades of experience in transformer construction, which is unique in this industry. In this context we also offer complete systems!

Furthermore, equipment fans, radiator fans and engine room fans are part of our product range.

Solution details:

  • mdexx fans have been designed as compact, easy-to-assemble, safe-to-operate, and extremely ecological devices, thanks to their low noise production
  • they have an ideal air performance and optimal efficiency factor
  • mdexx fans can be installed anywhere as they can be fitted—because of their build—inside any installation space
  • our fans dispose of extreme power spectral density, they are shock and vibration-proof and will run for an exceptionally long time
  • the fans meet—within the EU—the applicable norms; for instance, DIN15085-2 CL1, DIN EN 12663, CIN EN 50125, DIN EN 60349-2
  • welding certification DIN EN 15085


mdexx Fans for Compressed Air Technology

Compressors require fresh air for cooling, as the operational optimum is limited by the temperature. Reliable overheating protection, even under adverse conditions, is ensured by mdexx fans. Our efficient radiator fans are designed to customer specifications and have established themselves as indispensable components in compressors of the global leaders. We provide both air-to-air and air-to-water cooling and also offer cooling systems or heat exchanger-fan combinations. In our series production, we also organize individual logistics models at the customer’s request, so that fans can leave our factory and be delivered just in time – partly even already twelve hours after placing of order. Nevertheless, we do not shy away from small series with special claim. The adoption of variant management and spare parts management is a matter of course for us.


Solution details:

  • Design of a fan-cooler unit
  • Calculation of heat transfer, cooling capacity and velocity distribution
  • Calculation of the fluidic interaction of parallel operated fans
  • Compact design with external rotor motors
  • Special motors for high temperatures greater than 60 °
  • Frequency-controlled fans for partial load cycles
  • Ex-protection (zone 21, 22, 2, 1)
  • Paint Systems: Sea Air (C4), Offshore (C5)

mdexx Fans for the Shippbuilding Industry

Even more than on land, harsh conditions and limited space in maritime applications demand the highest quality standards from shipbuilding suppliers. mdexx offers customized fans that meet the special ambient conditions on the high seas.

Our portfolio includes shipbuilding fans based on ISO 12759 for e.g. Engine room and hatch Ventilation.


mdexx Fans for Industrial Drive Technology

The increasing number of variations in the machine and plant construction calls for drive solutions that are highly energy-efficient and flexible. In addition, customers demand general solutions which are perfectly tailored to their needs and easy to operate. mdexx offers radial and axial fans to meet all these requirements perfectly:

Components are aligned to allow for economic and efficient allocation of components to different drive solutions. mdexx components meet the international norms and requirements; subsequent costly certification procedures can be omitted as a result.

Cooling of large electrical drives, e.g. in the

– Crane, conveyor technology

– Iron and metallurgical engineering

– Rolling Mill Technology


mdexx Fans for Energy Supply

For our customers we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of fans: mdexx manufactures axial fans from radiator cool

  • transformer cooling
  • Radiator Cooling
  • Oil cooler
  • On / Offshore
  • Surface protection



Application examples:

In large transformers, oil is used as a heat transfer medium. This is cooled either by means of radiators or by oil-air coolers. Mdexx fans here support the convection of radiators by blowing on the radiator fins.


Axial fans for radiator cooling

  • Noise-optimized wing profile made of seawater-resistant aluminium
  • Housing and supporting structure hot-dip galvanized with epoxy resin and additional polyurethane coating for highest corrosion protection requirements
  • Stainless steel protective grille at inlet and outlet
  • Special purpose three-phase motor for unprotected outdoor installation
  • Depending on the air volume and noise requirements, the axial fans are available in 6- to 12-pole versions for 50 and 60 Hz.


Axial fans for oil-air coolers

  • Folding version for easy cleaning of the radiator
  • With fine-meshed protective grid to reduce the pollution caused by flying foliage
  • Housing and supporting structure hot-dip galvanized with epoxy resin and additional polyurethane coating for highest corrosion protection requirements
  • Protective grille at the air inlet
  • Special purpose three-phase motor for unprotected outdoor installation
  • Available in 16- to 24-pole versions, depending on air volume and noise requirements

mdexx Fans for Process Technology

Mdexx radial and axial fans are used in a wide variety of industrial areas. For drying wood or plastics, in the textile industry for thread spinning, but also in combustion technology for combustion air supply. Even from everyday areas of life you may know mdexx fans, like in the car wash technology for drying at the end of the car wash. In industrial laundry technology, large quantities of laundry are dried by powerful fans. Likewise, in process technology there are creative solutions in which the air pressure of the fans is used to transport or fix materials. Broad application areas are also found in the iron and steel industry

mdexx Fans for Offshore Applications

For harsh operating conditions far away from the continent or near the coast, we offer corrosion protection solutions for the toughest requirements for all our products. Including:

  • Use of suitable motors certified according to ABS, RINA, DNV GL, LR, BV, CCS, KR
  • Use of stainless steels and seawater resistant aluminum
  • galvanizing
  • Paint systems according to EN ISO 12944

We meet the strictest requirements of the oil and gas industry, such as STATOIL and BP