mdexx also supplies its products as integrated systems.

mdexx reactors or transformers for the railway industry

These include chokes for use in electric traction vehicles. These reactors are used in trams and subways as well as in state-of-the-art high-speed trains. All components are specially designed and manufactured especially for the harsh environmental conditions that occur during railway operations. These include increased requirements regarding climatic resistance, moisture and pollutants in the environment. All reactors are able to withstand the mechanical requirements of vibrations that are permanently present in railway operations. In addition, the reactors are characterized by low noise emissions.

  • On-board network container with transformer, choke and changeover switch is used to supply the vehicle electrical system under different infeed conditions
  • Suction reactors are used to smooth the DC link voltage and reduce the harmonics in the DC link
  • Chopper reactors limit the current gradient of the pulsed chopper current and the short-circuit currents

Bar core reactors as a component of the line filter for overvoltage protection and for limiting the line or intermediate circuit harmonic currents.

Mdexx develops and manufactures complete containers with coils, fans and secondary components.

When heat is dissipated by the exhaust air of a cooling system, mdexx designs the necessary winding material in the available installation space and provides IP54 areas for the secondary components as well as the transfer to the customer.

mdexx Medizintechnik

For the health sector, for example, mdexx manufactures assemblies for the following applications:


  • Supply of computer, monitors, memory, UPS, generator, documentation media, linear actuator, …
  • Country-specific network adjustments (e.g., 100 – 1000V).
  • Output side DC outputs (eg 5V, 15V, 30V, etc … are separately protected)
  • Output side AC outputs (e.g., 50V, 150V, 300V, etc … are separately fused)
  • Logic links for controlling:
    • Restarting delayed
    • Rushbegrenzungen
    • Control of the radiation display
    • And many more

Furthermore, network adaptations of all kinds belong to our core competence.

As an example, a power supply for an X-ray generator is given here.

  • 3-phase transformer 50/60 Hz
  •  Power 7.5 kVA
  • Primary voltage 480-460-440-400 V AC
  • Secondary voltage 400-220 V AC
  • 6 varistors
  • special color

mdexx control cabinets

mdexx builds complete control cabinets including electrical and electronic components for process plants, machines and production facilities.

Together with the customer, an optimization of the system in the sense of a compromise between different requirements and properties is always striven for in terms of functionality.

Here, the focus for mdexx is on the following procedure with the machine and plant manufacturers:

  • Reduce the cost of the control cabinet
  • Reduce the size of the control cabinet
  • Reduce the construction time of the control cabinet
  • Reduction of storage costs for the required components
  • Adaptation of components and wiring in case of standard changes