Efficient, compact, silent, and powerful:
mdexx fans

mdexx fans take care of the right ventilation and dissipation of heat in railway vehicles, compressors, power transformers, drive technology, and shipbuilding industry.

mdexx provides design, construction and manufacturing in one hand. Whatever your needs are – we have the perfect fan for you. For long-distance trains in Russia, short distance train systems in Belgium, the high-speed train ICE of the German railways or the Chinese High Speed Train CRH3

Customized solutions:
mdexx fans

Fan solutions are expected to meet accurately a number of criteria. These include minimum noise emissions, high efficiency factor, and a tight integration size as well as stability—even at high dynamic loads.
Further, many fan solutions must be resilient to high-temperature, vibrations, and corrosion, or they might even have to be installed in potentially explosive areas.

Regardless of demands posed on your fan solution: mdexx is your best choice! We offer fans whose aerodynamics is adjusted to an optimal bias point—that is, it is built to meet all your demands.

We offer

  • customized solutions—using the best available technology—for a wide range of applications in the industry, such as in railway vehicles, power transformers, laundry dryers, wind turbines, and compressors.
  • far-reaching automated production processing that makes logistics run smooth; this involves small and large volume mass productions all the way to the Kanban-delivery; uninterrupted quality assurance in the whole development and production process.
  • a high level of vertical manufacturing, which ensures a secure and flexible process as well as our delivery reliability.
    With mdexx fans, you are on the right track with regard to efficiency, quality, and future security.