With mdexx power supplies we offer a full range of first-class products. The complete type series ensure uniform voltages and minimum downtimes. They cover all important input voltages worldwide.

For international use devices with approval c are available for USA and Canada

The single- and three-phase mdexx TAV power supplies comply with EN 61131-2, irrespective of the load (no load up to rated current) and also irrespective of fluctuations of the

mains voltage (+ 6 % to – 10 % according to IEC 60038). Despite variations in these parameters, the electronic control is supplied with the permissible operational voltage without having to select suitable tappings on the transformer to step up or step down the DC output voltage according to load and mains conditions. The transformers are dimensioned in their voltage stability for this application. Any number of units of the same type can be connected in parallel if a higher current level is required. The total current in this case must not overshoot 90 % of the individual rated currents.

The rugged construction of the TAV units makes them extremely reliable. They are extremely stable when confronted with external mains failures and have a damping effect on electromagnetic interference. They are also highly suitable for supplying capacitive loads, because when the loads are connected only minimal voltage dips occur.



The TAV2, TAV3, TAV4 and TAV5 power supplies are singlephase or three-phase transformers with downstream rectifiers in two-pulse (B2) or six-pulse (B6) bridge connection with capacitor filtering. They comply with safety class I. The safety transformers used are designed according to EN 61558-2-6 and support the protective separation of protective extra-low voltage (SELV) and extra-low voltage (FELV) circuits from other circuits. The transformers are completely impregnated with polyester resin for protection against harmful environmental influences. TAV devices are


  • Designed for fuseless protection with standard motor starter protectors
  • Equipped with additional ground connections for a simple grounding of the control circuit using a detachable connection directly on the device
  • Easy to install thanks to freely accessible fixing holes and, in some cases, by snapping onto standard mounting rails
  • Connected with varistors and metalized dielectric capacitors for damping high-frequent overvoltages
  • Available for standard IEC voltages 230/400 V, and the multivoltage versions allow connection to the most commonly available mains voltages worldwide up to 600 V


Types TAV21 and TAV23 are protected by an integrated solidstate fuse. The output is automatically reconnected after the short cooling time following a mains disconnection or load shedding.

For the TAV4 types, short-circuit and overload protection is provided by an integrated replaceable melting fuse on the secondary side.

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Application examples

Devices TAV2, TAV3, TAV4 and TAV5 are used for:

  • Supply of general electrical loads
  • Power supply of control circuits
  • Power supply of electronic controls. They fulfil the requirements of EN 61131-2 “Programmable Logic Controllers – Equipment Requirements and Tests”. and are also suitable for SIMATIC.


The application areas are diverse and include medical technology, wind energy, shipping, automation technology, railway industry, drive technology, heavy duty truck, textile industry and many more.