Product overview: Axial fans and Radial fans from mdexx

The product portfolio of mdexx axial fans, diagonal fans and radial fans meets the needs of our customers to the highest degree. When it comes to the technical design, key factors from our customers play the main role. Together with all other boundary parameters of the specification, they are the focus of the design. The geometry and performance are optimized. Simply put: we develop to the point for you.

mdexx radial fans meet the latest requirements from global markets. Regardless of whether ErP conformity, increased efficiency, performance optimization or reduction of the acoustic spectrum – we guarantee the right radial fan in our range.

mdexx axial fans are all characterized by a very high power density in operating points with a high volume flow and low to medium pressure requirements. Our customers particularly appreciate the very low heights of our axial fans, which nevertheless cover all the required operating points.

The focus of our engineers in developing the best solution is always based on the overall system. The decades of experience of our developers in the field of thermodynamics and flow technology play a decisive role, because only those who look at the overall system can define an optimal radial fan, diagonal fan or axial fan.

Our sales and engineering team never loses sight of the essentials:

  • Highest possible efficiency in the operating area
  • Balanced and very low level of acoustics
  • Very long service life in various operating modes
  • CFD and FEM calculation
  • Determination of characteristics using ventilation test stands
  • Cost optimization through a very high level of vertical integration
  • Avoidance of overengineering
  • State-of-the-art machine park with process times
  • Redundancy of the production machines to ensure delivery capability
  • Documentation according to DIN ISO specifications
  • Support from external laboratories

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When choosing axial fans and radial fans, we have various technical configurations available:

  • Impellers
  • Casing
  • Inlet nozzles
  • Attachment parts

For centrifugal fans, diagonal fans and axial fans:

  • Variable number of blades
  • Structural steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and plastic
  • Optimization of the air flow using CFD calculations
  • FEM calculations to ensure the strength requirements
  • Coated according to DIN EN ISO 12944 – C3, C4 and C5
  • Wet paint and powder coating with our own coating system
  • Balancing according to DIN EN ISO 1940 – G2.5, G4.0, G6.3
  • Welding and execution according to DIN EN ISO 15085


  • External rotor motor and internal rotor motor
  • AC, DC and EC drive technology
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic drives
  • Frequency converters and individual controls
  • Temperature switch and various other configuration options

In the field of drive technologies, we have had strong and trusting partnerships for decades, so that we always have access to all available and new technologies in this area. Please feel free to get back to us: or via the product configurator.

Product list

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