Our development is qualitatively high-end. This level is the standard and the reference of new projects for us. By participating in various research topics, we underpin the permanently high level of innovation of the company. For particularly complex issues, we work together with highly specialized companies or universities. As part of this cooperation, we supervised diploma theses and train the next generation of engineers, technicians, and technical product designers. In projects where others reach their limits, mdexx comes into play!

Our highly qualified R&D, design and construction staff, as well as the state-of-the-art technology measuring and inspection equipment guarantee the highest quality standard for mdexx products. In our 1,000-square-meter lab in Germany and Czech Republic, we test our newly developed products, inspect product types on compliance with the national and international standards, and conduct testing with respect to systems, product-aging, and materials. Unprecedented in Europe!

mdexx labs, which are supplied with an independent power source, inspect reactors and filters, test electromagnetic tolerance, check withstanding voltage, and conduct warm-up test runs. mdexx fan labs perform comprehensive ventilation testing in standardized testing chambers and pipe measurement sections. Such measurement testing provides information on the fan characteristic curve and motor performance.