Winding Goods

The right transformer alone guarantees the accurate voltage in every situation. The solution is: mdexx! Our transformers will master any task anywhere in the world—they are reliable and safe.

Electrical loads, such as automation or data processing equipment, are extremely sensitive to the RFI-voltage or deviation of the voltage from the sinusoidal wave. The availability of such equipment is increased by installing reactors and filters, which can be modified for consistency with the equipment requirements. mdexx reactors and filters are applied as a cross-sector solution to reduce oscillation while increasing the availability of equipment and devices

With power supplies mdexx offers a wide range of upscale products. The complete type series guarantee consistent voltage and minimize downtimes as they cover relevant input voltages used across the globe. Devices with the cURus approbation, needed in the U.S. and Canada, are also available.

Winding goods – Product overview

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