The series of single and three-phase mdexx transformers from 16 kVA power combine all the features of safety, isolating, control or separating transformers. They master every application with flying colors. Our single and three-phase mdexx power transformers are used as separating, matching, auto- or converter-transformers > 16 kVA according to EN 60076.

mdexx transformers meet the highest requirements and fulfil the strictest guidelines regarding the required safety. Thanks to the particularly high permissible ambient temperatures of up to 55 ° C (also higher depending on customer requirements), their fuseless construction and the integrated safety standard according to EN 61558, mdexx transformers <16 kVA always provide optimum protection in a wide range of applications.

The control transformers are also characterized by their high short-term Performance.

Environmental and operating conditions

The ambient and operating conditions associated with the transformer concerned can be found in the selection tables in Chapter 3 “Transformers” of our catalog. These include:

  • Ambient temperature
  • frequency
  • protection method
  • operating mode
Rated power Pn in relation to the ambient temperature


Application examples for mdexx transformers

Whether in high-speed trains, in medical magnetic resonance tomography, in wind turbines or in industrial plants – wherever voltages have to be transmitted, mdexx transformers are used. But also customers from the shipbuilding, the drive and automation technology or the textile industry rely on quality transformers from our company. In addition, our transformers are used to supply control and signalling circuits:

  • when several electromagnetic loads are to be controlled
  • when control and signalling devices are used outside the control cabinet
  • when the operating voltage of the consumer is different than that available
  • for voltage adjustment for machines and systems with galvanic isolation or as autotransformer.


In general, our transformers for voltage adjustment of electrical equipment, such used in communications, medical and home Technology.