Medium Frequency

Medium Frequency


Mdexx GmbH develops and produces customer-specific inductive winding products and transformers for power electronics in a wide range of application locations. These are usually chokes and transformers in the mid-frequency range with special requirements and higher outputs.

Frequencies from 1kHz to 1MHz, powers up to 1MVA and voltages up to 12kV are covered.


The components have the following properties:

  • High power density
  • Medium voltage applications with special insulation
  • High efficiency
  • High current applications with particularly low leakage inductance
  • Special designs with customer-specific features


To develop complex magnetic components, our engineers rely on a wealth of experience, analytical methods and calculation algorithms optimized over the years.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, the focus is on geometry, weight or electrical properties.



The application areas are diverse and include medical technology, wind energy, shipping, automation technology, railway industry, drive technology, heavy duty truck, textile industry and many more.