Measures at mdexx against the spread of coronavirus

We keep on inspiring!

In the current situation, measures have been taken at mdexx, which on the one hand ensure our ability to act in the crisis and on the other hand protect the health of our employees. Although the regions of our locations are not yet particularly badly affected, we are still preparing for the emergency.

Most of our office employees have the opportunity to work in the home office with their company laptops. In-house meetings are also preferably switched to online meetings. In addition, spatial separations were introduced between our fans and winding goods business units. External and internal customer and supplier appointments are reduced to the bare minimum.
The focus of these measures is on maintaining our business capacity, always weighing up the benefits and the potential risks.

We at mdexx are highly motivated and confident that we can continue to deliver the performance you are used to from us! Nevertheless, we hope that the crisis will end soon and wish all partners the best of health.